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Product Liability

Sometimes, even the most mundane products we buy to enrich our lives can malfunction in catastrophic ways. When that happens, it may be due to a breach of quality on the part of the manufacturer, or because some critical piece of information about how to use the product was omitted. As in any other area […]


Like it or not, pharmaceuticals are a part of our health care in this day and age. Because of that, they must be made to the highest possible standard, with no tolerance for error. Being injured by a medicine or device designed to help you is a special kind of pain. Companies that are negligent […]

Practice Areas

The New York Lawyers have been involved in civil litigation for years, and are well versed in several different areas of civil law. Over time, we have acquired a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience, and are happy to put it to work for our clients. Some include: Practice Areas: Personal Injury Personal injury is […]

Welcome to New York Lawyers

For most people, being involved in the legal system is intimidating and disorienting. Even if your case is not criminal, you still stand to lose significantly if a judgment is filed against you – it can affect not only your current finances, but even potentially your retirement. You may face social stigma, restriction of privileges, […]